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Interesting!! Two men stage fake proposal to catch their cheating girlfriend

Two men who discovered that they were dating the same woman have teamed up to pull a prank on her .

The prank not only embarrassed her greatly, the angry young men also recorded her reaction on video.

Here’s how it went down:

One of the two boyfriends showed up to surprise her at the sports bar she works at . He got down on a knee to propose to her .

She felt honoured, stretched out her hand as the ring finger was positioned ready for the moment she had always dreamt about .

All the while, her co - workers cheered in delight , saying “Oh my God!”
The kneeling boyfriend looked around nervously , and the other boyfriend walked in .

At first , the lady didn ’t react , but then she eventually figured out the scene playing out right before her .
In anger , the second boyfriend yelled out : “You had two good men ! Two good f *cking men! You f *cked it up!”

Game up. Lover girl walked out of the door, with the hitherto kneeling lover shouting after her : “You see how you played me?”

The two men then took time to explain to the people around that they had both been dating her since November.

One of the men even claimed to have bought her a car !

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