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[Poem Of The Day] Wailing Widow By Fadare OluwaBusayo

On A2B poem of the day this Saturday we bring you "Wailing widow" As penned down by one of our best writers, something to end the year with. Enjoy!

Her legs and neck chained,
Her hands also chained backwards, Getting punished for a sin she never committed,
Are all hopes are lost?
Friends, family and all those she stood up for could not be sighted,
What a world we live in filled with deceit and hypocrisy,
Are all hopes truly lost for the helpless,
Oh NO! what dilemma have I brought upon myself,
I have no regrets though,
I fought for justice and I ended up being backstab by my loved ones,
Filled with tears in my eyes,
Will I ever gain my freedom,
Years has passed yet no one has come to my rescue,

Every breath I take,
Every day I wake up to see the sunlight as each day passes by,
I take that as a blessing,
For the day I will be freed from this dungeon is near,
The day I'm going to inflict suffering on those who made my life miserable is getting closer,
A day of no mercy,
A day where I will raise my head up high and fight for what is right,

Let every woman listen,
Be it young or old,dark or light,
Put their minds at rest,
For the day our voice will be heard is around the corner,
The day we won't be deprived of our right ever again,
The day our self respect will be restored.
Then we shall walk with our heads up high in the society free from any form of oppression.

Written by; Fadare Oluwabusayo

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