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Oja ti burst: Businessman selling sex dolls offers customers a £50 'try before you buy' scheme for a half hour session

Customers can 'test drive' sex dolls at the industrial site in Gateshead for £50
Service was launched in December and business has had a 'few' customer since
But the owner has insisted that the 'try before you buy' scheme is not a brothel
A businessman is hiring out sex dolls for £50 an hour so men can take them out of a 'test drive' before buying one.
The man allows customers to pay £50 to have sex with one of his dolls for half an hour.
Customers are then offered the chance to buy a doll in what is effectively a 'try before you buy' scheme.
But the business owner denies that he is effectively creating a 'sex doll brothel'.
His business, - which also resells 'used dolls' - is based in Gateshead and has a private space where his customers can have sex with the dolls.
The service was launched in December 2017, and he says that 'a few' customers have already tried it out.
In an interview on Chiles on Friday, Graham said: 'We're hoping this is a test drive so that they would then go on to purchase one of our products.
'The aim of the game isn't simply the use of the service.'

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