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A2B Walkie Talkie: Be Sincere o, which Nigerian University has the most Endowed Heavy-Heavy Ladies [18+]

Happy Sunday Fams, as Promised that quite a good Number of Sections would be coming up on A2B these days, we now have this Section where we speak the Truth, nothing but the Truth, if you think it would hurt you, then you can comment as an Anonymous.

On Today's Walkie Talkie, We would be Centering our Radar on Nigerian University Ladies.

Ok, we all know Fingers are not equal, we have these Universities known with Ladies Blessed with Assets that can make you want to change your Institution and make you start attending the school immediately. One of my guys once left my school at 400L, retook JAMB for this Particular University because of the Mouth-watering Ladies in there.😂

These Universities' Male Students always have problem having one Girlfriend due to the eye demanding Ladies that Control their Department and the funniest thing is that all the male Students would become a Tutorial Coordinator immediately, Inorder to gain more access to these Specially made Creatures.

I would leave it from here to you, Which Nigerian University do you think have the most Endowed Ladies, Don't come and be repping your school here o, Be sincere!😂😂

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  1. I swear na UNILAG o, Omo to Shan everywhere my brother

  2. Let's go to Unical��✔️

  3. No one is even talking about Uniosun, Lmao