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Oh My Lordi: Singer Ashanti flaunts her cleavage and curvy backside for THIS [18+ Photos]

U.S. Singer, Ashanti Douglas is the cover star for the lastest issue of Paper Magazine.
In one of the photos, the 37-year-old flaunted her cleavage and curvy backside.

On being a strong woman, the singer told the magazine “There’s nothing better than a woman that’s confident. When you know you look good, it’s a different kind of swag; you know when you walk in the room. Your whole aura changes when you know you look good. I feel like nowadays, especially with everything going on, it’s really important for women to feel uplifted and empowered.”

On her love and hate relationship with social media she said : “When Twitter was born, even back then I definitely had the motto of ‘elephants don’t swat flies. When there is a bunch of negativity, and little gnats that are just annoying and trying to get your attention, there’s no need to waste energy in swatting them.

She added: “I feel like social media is a gift and a curse, honestly. It’s a way to reach millions of people in an instant when you want to upload music, or a photo or a statement that you want to make, and you have people that are your core friends that follow [you] and feed you great energy. But, again, it could also be a lie that’s put out there, and then millions of people are believing it, and it’s like, ‘What are you talking about?’ Then you’re forced to think about whether to address it or not.”

On the 'fake' rumors circulating online about her: “You know that in 24 hours there’s going to be another story that’s going to be on. I just feel that if it is unnecessary and it is negative, don’t add more fuel to the fire. It’s going to eventually die down because it’s not that important.”

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