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OMG: Checkout the UNIOSUN Fresh Graduate who is currently making rounds on social media with this beautiful write-up dished out to the finalists who signed out days ago [Read Here]

Osun state university's alumni, WHITE THE WRITER, Popularly known as "Alfa White" is currently making rounds across social media and internet at large with his latest piece targeted to the school's finalists and we all at A2B can't help but to share it with you all.



```I would gladly point out my view and expression of joy towards the latest graduates in the entire``` *Home of Learning And Culture.*
```It's obviously a great task and seldom happens to pass through an environment full of mine activity and still survive lifely. I honestly commend everyone across the entire colleges along with the respective faculties encapsulating different departments of the``` *aMiAbLe 3080.*

```People of different tribes come together and study under the same umbrella,  it isn't easy to proceed especially when life seems unfair to you, when school turns down on you, simply because of the unbearable stress and lots more. Emphasizing on sleepless night, and heading to lecture room early the following morning, no time to eat, and no time to rest. How I wish our graduates are all governmentalized justly and given a huge and blissful accolade for such trial and acquiescent endurance. I personally cherish your way and pray God Almighty grant you all success.

Many things look strange in the academia.
Sometimes, you fall sick and become afraid of getting injected or admitted simply because of the sedative that would make you fall asleep. You are sometimes afraid of going to bed in some special nights so as not to be carried away by an unwanted hypersomniac condition. Some other times, you are afraid to cook because of the weird and gigantic notes you have to cover up for test and exams are all around the corner.
I once had a friend who drank garri all through the exam period because he has no time to check time.
Sometimes, you try to read at night, but mistakenly fall asleep and you will start crying at dawn because you have missed free period which you supposed to have utilised in order to complete the bulky slides. I do understand all the challenges and hardship a student face before being termed as```  *A gRaDuAtE.* ```It is never that easy. I pray God bless your hustle and make you happy after the completion of this precious Degree.```

```People tend to succumb,
Many tend to surrender,
Some ran from the unbearable experiences that schooling has to offer,
Some got expelled while some unfortunately got their way to the Creator,
But you actually endured the calamity,
You swallowed your pride and buried your aggression,
You walked through the hot land,
And worked with a mind of optimism,
Upon all the barbaric moment of life.```
*Don't worry guys! God is there for your dearest profits and guidance.*

```I was once like you,
When I thought I would appreciate it if I end up being a successful graduate,
If I wear the``` *whitish-signed-shirt, With beautiful tag in front,*
```This seems to be among the happiest day ever,
When you guessed``` *"stress"* ```is reduced,
Some even think it's (stress) all eradicated and ended,
This appears in front of their sign-out shirt,
Where you see a lot of happily-filled expression,
"Momma & Papa, Yes! I made it,"
"After all the sadness, success is lastly my portion,"```
 ```"After so so semesters and so so exams, I truly succeeded,"```
*All this, all that, and lots more.*

```But to tell you, stress is normal and success is truly the crown of distress (White, 2021),
Never get downed, because he who give up truly fucked up,
Life is like a staircase,
You win a step, and prepare ahead for the next challenge,
Believe me! No challenge, no promotion,
No promotion, no success,
No success, no gain,```
*And there's never any gain, because you ignored to face the real challenges.*

```For goldπŸͺ™ to look that superb and glittered,
It must have passed through lots of angry mine,
There are many stars in a single``` *GaLaXy,*
```Some appear brighter and some adhere to little off-white,
Some appear greyish, and some fade or have dull coloration,
Your success depends on yourselves. Destiny is written, but activities work along with dream,``` _Remember,_
*Life is not about what you have, achievement is the master of skills (White, 2020).*

```It get tougher at the beginning, but later become modified with sweet moments mixed with enjoyment. Aerocraft never fly at start but crawl to find a conducive environment to elevate its trial. Helicopter truly never experience any crawling, always fly at the beginning of journey, but that contributes to the reason that earn it the lowest height attainment in the sky. Its level is very limited compared to the height of the struggled jet. Never try to move faster than destiny. If the possibility is that genuine, Pharaoh would have firstly gotten to the dreamland successfully.```

```And still never waste a moment of your time,
For time is like a sword, if you don't cut it, it will definitely cut you down,
You're truly done for this stage,
But always prepare for a tougher battle,```
*Remember winners never quit, And Quitters never win.*
```Whenever you face any Challenge,
Always remember it's only a little settlement in Ibadan city,
You have had enough life experiences during ur struggle in the academia.```

      *"He who tends to become a successful person would pass through the adversities life  (White, 2021)"*

```Life after campus is another course of study,
You'd comprehend the text from those with refined experience,
Hold firm as a rigid shackle shackling other shackles,
Take from your previous mistakes as your new teacher,
Mistake never come and leave as an enmity,
But to treat and teach you through the best trial,
No one stays perfectly,
No one works perfectly,
But everybody depends on brilliancy, intelligence and experience.```

*"If any mistake is done, the best solution is to look for the correction, to avoid destruction in building a new formation."*

_As you all struggled to pass through this level of hardship and signed out of the Great stage Of Academia, I pray God elevate you all and guide you through the respective ways of life._

*A special regard goes to the Rarest Vice Chancellor ever, Prof. Labode Popoola.* ```The sweetest soldier solidifying students' mind sweetly in the way of justice and rapturous admiration. The man of integrity with amazing and beautiful conviviality,
Your regime is written in our personal Guinness World Record, and being engraved all over``` *the prosencephalic part of our encephalon.*
```God bless you for us sir, and for the entire 'sapiens' around the globe.

You're gracefully surrounded by the dearest and blissful management with their amazing and pleasant odoriferousness. God bless our staffs radiating in the Eden-like Admin🏣```

```We shouldn't forget the fertilizer that fertilizes the fresh fine flavoured fruit, that helped a faster and better germination, those who inscribed on the hard rock, so to attain the best out of the students, even if they (students) all show the highest level of stubbornness. It's never easy to coordinate people of different tribes, different mentality, different locality, different maturity, different thinking faculty, full of their (students) unbearable pugnaciousness, and still they (lecturers) pull out and adhere beautiful ostentation to the life of those students. It's actually a belligerence and a perilous task all through.```  *We pray God bless all our fatherly and motherly Lecturers. In fact, you all really worth millions to us sirs'/mas'*

```It's very pertinent and germane to recognize our respective HODs, the Deans, and the Provost of the gargantuan colleges across my citadel of learning. God protect you all and guide you in all ramifications.

It's unarguably known to everybody that one good terms deserves to be appreciated and given a gratuitous. I haven't really found a unique association that would be this transparent, that would be this progressive, that would be this eloquent, looking for the advancement of the institution and successfulness of the students as well, but the lovely and amazing regime of this Students' Union is so much accurate and justly embedded with truthful participants.

So am greatly having a voracious feeling for the continuous improvement of your precious project. 
If I was asked to select the luckiest man ever, I wouldn't just hesitate to nominate my great impressive and reasonable exemplifying Ajitech, for this good work done so far.``` *"He who shot a good target should be granted the hero of the jungle (White, 2021)"*

I honorarily commend you sir, Comrade Olanrewaju Muyideen, Oluwatobi, for the blessing of the conclusion of this uneasy project. You led the group and achieve the best,
You started the route and pertain to the rarest students' leader.
I pray God elevate you more and provide a suitable way throughout your life career.
Special regard goes the the rest of the SUG members, right from the Vice President, Secretary, and the rest of my gracious, amorous and amicable stakeholders of this wonderful Students' Union, God be with you all and make you happy all through sirs'/mas'.

```Now we understand that, indeed, our great successfulness, is obviously your``` *POSITIVE ACHIEVEMENT*

_Dedicated To The Finalists, Osun State University._

          πŸ“ *wHiTe_ThE_wRiTeRπŸ‘»*


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    So touching, educated and interesting, more success ahead

    May ALLAH continue to enrich your knowledge sir white

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