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Furious girl vows to kill her sister on facebook after falling in love with her husband and being fought by her sis... imbedded are comments from Facebook users

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Dear friends,
I am a lady of 25-years, staying in my sister's house in Lagos. She payed my elementary, middle, high, & she is even paying my university fees for me. Also, she gives me whatever I ask for. The problem is that, I have developed a strong feelings(love) for her husband. I started dating her husband when I was in SHS 2. He loves me, I love him. We really love each other. He said he made a mistake of marrying my elder sister, but I am the one he loves. I love my sister's husband so much, & he is a real business man, physically strong, both in bed & money. Now, he wants me to be his second wedded wife. But I also do not want to be a second wife. What I want him to do, is to divorce his wife(my elder sister). Not knowing, all what we were saying in the room, she heard it. Came in & threw hot water on me, fought with me, & bite my ears. I just recovered 4-days ago. Still the man wants to be with me, but the obstacle is my sister.
Please help me, what should I do ? I want to kill my sister to get her husband. I really love the man.
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Spaicey Dorothy
u stupid monkey, u bette kil urself b4 ur siso do zo, if am ur siso i jzt pur an aic nt even hot water coz u r such an evil en so stupid, any way cal GOD 4 gd life
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Egwuatu Ebuka
u ar so stupid witch go 2 hell nd fall in luv wt devil aftrol he has all u need
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Quame Arko Gideon
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Prudence Sheriff
U stupid oo
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Olafusi Samson
This is an abbominable act
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Ijeoma Blessing
This one she did to u is a small thing she would have killed u fool
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Monica Ekoine
Siz wko alikuweza malaya ww.
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Ronny Victor Chaplins
dont kill her plz
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Akindele Oluwatoyin
U ar a thief shem on u dnt u av sence u ar dating ur sist husband u better kill ur self
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Sphirit Bowy Luvjesus
fool ur hv to kill u koraa foolish gal bitch
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