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#Too shot comedy group presents happy World Stupid Question day

Stupid question's today, So ask any stupid question,But let me ask mine 1st before you do.Please: 1.Who sang skelewu by Davido 2.How much is 10naira sachetwater??
3.Which country hosted Brazil2014 world cup?
4. Abeg is your sister a girl?
5. I want to Cook fried rice,please can I use rice? 
6. I saw ade eating my bread, did he ate it? 
7. What is the name of the CEO of Olamide-YBNL? 
8. I have two daughters, but i don't really know if they are girls  
9. My father and ur father are they Fathers? 
10. Who's in that C.ronaldo poster?    11. Is president buhari a president?   12. What is the course code for MTH102?   
13. Is that u in ur ID card?    14. Is there COLD ice block(ice block no dey cold b4 ni?)   15. What is my 2315 ATM pin? 16. Who invented Facebook by Mark zuccaberg??   17. What year did olympic 2012 hold??   18. Why is that albino light in complexion?? 19. Is this Andriod application working on java phone?? 20. Is Dr. Kalson a doctor??   21. Who wrote jennifer's diary by funke Akindele??     22. Mallam won't eat durring Ramadan is he fasting??? Drop urs and keep it trending... Let's see the funniest question ever from u...#Too-Shot comedy group #TSCG For more visit  ur smile is our top priorit.

Stupid question day PART 2.. Feed back from peepz.....23. Sorry is Tecno camon C8 phone a phone? 24. And wait I don't know is uniosun a university or house of senate ? 25. Is potato chips made frm potato 26.Wil u sit for waec before graduating frm senior secondary school?(27) Is sodiq a human being name?(28) is rukoya a females name (29)can electric kettle boil d water? (30)can d water be counted? (31)is yoruba language a language? (32) can a one leg man run? (33)did rain drop frm d sky (34)can we use handphone to call (35)is july a month? (36) i wanted to dance do i need to play music (37) Do I need to established solah after ablution? (38) please is monkey an animal? (39) Will you do ur marriage after marrying?.... Drop more, check more @

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