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Celebrity Big Brother 2016: with Stephen Bear and Marnie Simpson in the house, this could be a vintage year – but don't forget Christopher Biggins

Well done to all the "TV insiders" and "sources close to the stars" whose predictions were spot on. You all deserve a pay rise and possibly even a spot on the next series.
Imagine that being leaked to the press: "A TV insider revealed that a TV insider was going on Celebrity Big Brother. 'I am sure to mix things up in there with my outspoken views,' the TV insider told a source close to the TV insider."
But just because the line-up held no surprises, it doesn't for a second mean that this won't be a memorable series. The early indications are that it could be a classic.
And that's not hyperbole on my part. I have seen so many series of Celebrity Big Brother where there is no energy or chemistry on the opening night but all of the contestants, bar perhaps Grant Bovey and Katie Waissel , who both seemed nervous, look sure to bring a lot to the table. The fact that most of the celebrities have hit the ground running bodes extremely well.
Katie Waissel enters the Celebrity Big Brother House CREDIT: PA
There doesn't, at this very early stage, appear to be an obvious villain and it would be a shame if Big Brother tries to create one.
Stephen Bear is obviously a bit of a prat but the Ex on the Beach star will no doubt rub along well with
Lewis Bloor from The Only Way is Essex and Marnie Simpson from Geordie Shore.
The most striking thing is how at ease Stephen, Lewis and Marnie are in front of the camera. You don't get any sense that they are putting on a show. It's a very much of a case of what you see is what you get. Oh, and go to Hell if you think I don't have a talent or don't deserve to be here.
Stephen Bear enters the Celebrity Big Brother house CREDIT: PA
It's an intoxicating combination, as proven by Vicky Pattison on I'm a Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here! and previous Celebrity Big Brother winners from Geordie Shore, Charlotte Crsoby and Scotty T.
Very early days to be making these predictions, of course, but it would be a major surprise if one of those three doesn't win.
Others to watch out for are the outspoken Renee Graziano , Ricky Norwood , who might just charm the pants off the nation, and Heavy D , who will either be hilarious or incredibly irritating. We should know by the end of the next episode.
Heavy D enters the Celebrity Big Brother house CREDIT: GETTY IMAGES
As for that twist, I'm no sure how well that work. Christopher Biggins is a good guy who thrive on being the joyous buffoon. If he's made to feel ostracised, as this task sets out to do, it could be a disaster.
We say it time and again but producers should just let the show meander. People are at their least interesting when they are trying to be interesting.
Who's in the house?
1st Christopher Biggins
2nd Saira Khan
3rd Frankie Grande
4th Ricky Norwood
5th Renee Graziano
6th Marnie Simpson
7th James Whale
8th Aubrey O'Day
9th Stephen Bear
10th Katie Waissel
11th Lewis Bloor
12th Grant Bovey
13th Chloe Khan
14th Heavy D
15th Samantha Fox
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Poor old Biggins
Christopher Biggins was in such high spirits when he entered the house and now looks as if he's made the worst decision since he went on Celebrity Come Dine With Me.
And to compound all that, now he's been stitched right up by Big Brother. While the housemates were all dancing at a silent disco (where I'm going next, as it happens) Big Brother told Biggins that he is immune from all nominations this week and that he is now de facto leader of the house.
But here's the big twist: Big Brother then told everyone else that, although Biggins thinks he's the secret house leader, he isn't actually at all.
Let me know if I could have explained that any less clearly. To be honest, though, if you weren't watching the show, what the hell are you doing reading this?

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