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7 Things You Need to Start An Online Dating Conversation

Online dating conquers the world and we can barely imagine our lives without all these smart apps and international sites. Although this kind of dating is so popular, there are some “eternal” problems. One of them is how to kick off a chat at an online dating site. Take a look at these seven items and find out! We have gathered this information thanks to our friends from Russian beautiful girls.

1. Do your pre-research

Modern online dating apps and sites can be very diverse; they help you find perfect partners within the nearby area or worldwide. As a rule, all you have to do is to “like” a random user and start chatting. However, it is not this simple in practice. To get people interested in you, speak to their souls, for which you need to examine their profiles at least.

2. Make it more original than simple “hi”

Imagine you’ve got a message saying nothing else but “hi” or “hello”. Will you be eager to respond? Probably not so much; and what are you supposed to write? The same plain “hello”. This doesn’t help promote the conversation and get to know one another. The first phrase you send to your potential match should be about him or her personally.

3. Raise topics your age mates understand

As a rule, men and women prefer dating people of approximately the same age. This is what you can gain from: as you and the other user you write to have been growing up in similar environments, there are a plenty of things to discuss. If you find out a person you like is keen on particular movies, shows, or music that were popular during your childhood, you can tackle these in your dialogue.

4. Ask questions

One of the most solid ways of making another person participate in a chat is questions. Indeed, you should know what to ask and when – don’t use those randomly. For instance, you may get interested in some details from her/his dating profile or photos and request more details. Everyone likes attention to a certain degree.

5. Share media content

Humans perceive information primarily with their eyes. Add some pictures/videos to your message – or even emojis to express what you want to tell. This not only makes you stand out but triggers the other person to start seeking more about you. Of course, everything you send should resonate with your partner’s tastes.

6. Speak about local events

Ever city or town lives its own life. If you are about to date people who live in your area, don’t miss a chance to invite them to some celebrations that are about to take lace soon or discuss what happened recently. Just because this is a safe conversation starter, other users will probably text back to you.

7. Compliment

We all like compliments and we like people who pay those. If you notice anything on a person’s profile that really attracts you, speak about it! According to the law of politeness, he or she must answer at least to thank you. But don’t use hackneyed pickup phrases – think of unique features to add to your message.

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