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Heeheeh: Here’s how Facebook, Instagram kill your sex life

According to psychologists, struggling with body image affects an individual ’s sexual behaviour , as people in that category may be unable to undress before the opposite sex and enjoy sex.

People who have body image issue also have problems having sex, psychologists say .

Add to this the extra burden of watching , reading or hearing posts about what a perfect body looks like , and you have a double whammy! Or so researchers say .

A research compiled by the online diary site Pencourage. com found that more than half of Facebook and Instagram users in England admitted that reading gushing romantic or fitness- related updates by users left them feeling very insecure about their bodies .

The insecure users were so affected by these updates that they were less likely to have sex with their own partners after reading other people ’s posts.

“These findings go further than previous studies , which showed that intimacy is affected because we spend more time on our smartphones than we ever did before,” says psychologist, Dr . Richard Sherry .

“The growing trend of showing off sculpted abs, for example, as well as soppy romantic statuses , is damaging viewers ’ self- esteem, specifically in regard to sex,” he warns.

The researchers warn that photo -sharing by Facebook friends or Instagram users have a much stronger and negative effects on men.

Two - thirds of respondents said reading posts like that by other people affected their own sexual performance.

More than one - quarter of women said when they logged onto their visually - driven social media accounts before bedtime , they felt “less sexy . ”

Seven percent of the women said they were definitely not in the mood for sex after checking their Instagram or Facebook accounts .

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