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Mixed feelings as Fans react to Davido’s paternity saga

Just last week, news made the rounds that popular singer, Davido, impregnated a 24-year-old Georgia University under graduate named, Amanda. This week, the young lad is in another paternity issue as another young lady, Ayotomide Labinjo, has stepped forward alleging that the‘Dami Duro’ singer is the father of her daughter, three-year-old Aanuoluwapo.

Fans react…
by Zovoe Jonathan
12 hours ago
eddie • 6 hours ago Davido, use condom anytime you want to climb women,.. Apart from paternity issues that will arise, STDs such as HIV, gonorrhea, syphilis, etc dey town oo. You think say na only you these girls dey try catch? A word is enough for the wise, if you are wise.

Angelic Micheal • 5 hours ago Tell the Ayotomide Labinjo, she is an inexperienced olosho and should keep her mouth shut. She has chosen to be a single mother, let her face the challenge of single motherhood squarely. A lady that can sleep with a a guy the same night they met is capable of sleeping with anybody anyhow. Why come to disturb the atmosphere at this time when people are grappling with recession.

stargazer MammanJiyaVatsa • 4 hours agoYou better inform davido to be practicing safe sex too before one of the common diseases kills him ...

TOBBY777 • 2 hours ago The girl messed up by opening her legs for the first night but davido using his advantage as a musician to be sharing pregnancy around should be condemned.

From the doctor's narrative he seems a personal doctor of the family,and giving the level of corrupting in Nigeria, the doctor might compromise with the notion of the girl being from a poor home who can't fight the results. He could not fake it on Imade because he knew the fight has the capacity to fight it out.

Punch can create an account to help the girl get a DNA to ascertain if the true position. I AM ready to help on this. WITHOUT LOVE, LIFE IS A MISTAKE.

El realista TOBBY777 • 2 hours ago It is also possible that Davido fell into her trap by knocking her up. He is a celebrity, and there are lots of girls out there that wants money from celebrities.
Who knows?

As much as we wanna claim holier than thou to condemn
@iam_Davido , He without sin better casting stones is no different. Live and let live

12:19 AM - 18 Mar 2017
17 21
@iam_Davido @CyprianEd_ she is just a bunch of crap......... Only want to chop put of his money and get his name spoiled

10:07 AM - 18 Mar 2017
@i~am holuwathos ...
@iam_Davido you took a paternity test, even though you've never seen her in your life, cool story bro

12:03 AM - 18 Mar 2017
7 13
@iam_Davido when your body count, in terms of bedding women, is allegedly unbelievably high you gatz to take the test to be sure

11:01 AM - 18 Mar 2017
U still agree to do the paternity test 4 sombori u claim u neva see 4ur life? @iam_Davido Diz your story get K-leg..

4:42 AM - 18 Mar 2017
Davido says he had neva seen d girl all his life, but he took d paternity test & even dashed her money out of Pity...I am not understanding!

7:35 AM - 18 Mar 2017
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El realista MammanJiyaVatsa • 2 hours agoTell Davido to use protection, or he will be paying child support for a very long time. STDs talk is for another day.

marley • 7 hours ago This not need be on national daily! We have too many things to worry about.
Mercy Rufus You too stay one place now! U too young for this kind of a life
Matthew Eboh Accept your responsibily and amend your ways before you end up ruining your life

Ladies and Gentlemen... Brother David is the new Baba for the Girls.. Yes or Nay?

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