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Provide your Evidence – ASUU challenged students who accused Lecturers of Sexual Harasment

Some of the allegations of sexual harassment against lecturers are politically motivated and fabricated , President of Academic Staff Union of Universities, Prof. Biodun Ogunyemi , has said.

He however said the Ethics Committee of ASUU had been investigating cases of sexual harassment against lecturers .

According to him, there had been cases where lecturers alleged that female students came to them to make demands asking them request anything they wanted because they did not want to do their assignments.

Ogunyemi , in an interview with The PUNCH in Abuja , said ASUU had put in place a number of checks to assure the public.

He said, “ People go on to discredit our members and in order to assure the generality of Nigerians , we have always insisted on such individuals to come and plead their cases .

Essentially, because of our activities as a union, there are people who go all out to discredit us , so we handle such cases by challenging them to come openly and prove their cases .

“Every branch of ASUU is mandated to have an ethics committee and they look into cases of sexual harassment and other allegations but every case reported is an allegation until proved otherwise .

“Universities have their own mechanism for handling cases . What we do is an additional step . People have been talking about sexual harassment and other forms of immorality on our campuses .

Some of these stories may be true but many are fabricated in order to discredit the lecturers . We have our code of conduct and we have a way of monitoring the activities of our members . ’’

Ogunyemi challenged students who accused lecturers of sexual impropriety to provide evidence .

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