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Hmm: UNIPORT Best Graduating Student In Paediatric rewarded with N250 finally Opens up about it

Miss Joy Omubo, Best Student in Paediatric at the University of Port Harcourt, who got a N250 award from the Paediatric Association of Nigeria has finally spoken up.

Speaking with PUNCH Newspaper, Miss Omubo said, ''About the cash prize, I’m grateful for the gesture. I do not feel entitled to anything and nobody actually owes me anything, so I don’t feel sad. I would always be grateful for everything I got and anything it brings to me in the nearest future. I appreciate my lecturers especially the paediatricians because without the knowledge they imparted in me, I wouldn’t have achieved this.

''I’m also grateful to UNIPORT for giving me the platform to achieve my dreams. The cash reward was inconsequential to me because following this award, I was already recognised at my induction ceremony and the smile on the faces of my family members and friends made the entire journey worthwhile.

''The Chief Medical Director, University of Port Harcourt Teaching Hospital, Prof. Aaron Ojule, also offered myself and 24 of my colleagues immediate placement for internship. The Association of Resident Doctors gave us a warm reception upon our resumption of internship as well as gifts to celebrate our achievements. So in all, I’m actually very grateful.”

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