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Read how the Woman who rubbed Bride’s stomach at her wedding confesses (details)

Dr. Nini Iyizoba has revealed more details on the Woman who rubbed the stomach on a dancing bride on her traditional wedding day and walked away.

Apparently, Dr Nini who knows the couple claim that they were married for 2 years with no kids.. and then a friend of the couple randomly saw the video he recorded on his phone at their wedding, then he noticed the “Evil Woman” rubbing the stomach of the bride.

She revealed that they later confronted the woman, and she confessed to doing something diabolic to the bride to cause her not to have kids.

She wrote on Instagram:

They were married for 2years with no kids. The couple’s friend randomly saw this video he recorded 2yrs ago at their wedding. They apparently confronted the woman and she confessed to doing something diabolic to her to cause her to not have kids! May God help us!!! Such a wicked world!!! Do we now add diabolical/fetish/juju as one of the Infertility causes! May God help us o!#prayersgoingup #alldayeveryday #itshallendinpraise #infertilityawareness #drniniwomenshealthawarenessfoundation #askdrnini

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