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As he always does, Jay_Al decide to please us more and more over the past few months with his mind capturing poem and here we go.. We just can't stop checking on him for more. Have fun as this is about love


I fell in love with a poetess and now my life is like a poem,
Like a glass of wine so intoxicated with her smell,
Dying in love, slowly fading to love alcoholism
Affinity for nature, in her paradise I wish to dwell.

Drunk in love yet I could only subsist with your mouth and body on mine,
My lips so swollen and the tender for your touch I couldn't deny,
We've fallen onto the bed entangled of lips and limbs as it made my heart exploded like a body on mine,
The moonlight reflecting from the window casted cerulean shadow like a blue wine.

It's too dark to see anything but your curves against my crumpled duvet,
I heard a tenor in your shallow breath but I felt your gaze on me like a caress,
The brush of your hands over my bare arms renders it dreamlike and made me speechless,
I must be dreaming because this love is so true and it is really flawless.....

I fell for a poet and now my life is all in a stanza,
Mesmerized by his gaze,
My feet failed me and am lost in his paradise,
I forgot who I am.

As his lips parted,
My warring tongue gave in against the weather,
His arms felt cozy as I fell into them,
And they welcomed me affectionately.

As his fingers gently traced my neckline,
I succumbed to haven,
And as our body touched,
I felt his racing heartbeats upon my bosom.

With embodied muscles, He wraps me up; like a newborn.
Our sweat mixed with perspiration and deep emotions,
Threw me into the cave of ecstasy,
And as he lifts me up
My demons died within.

With little whispers of love,
I moan noiselessly,
Oh! I'm lost,
He is mine and I'm for him
Intoxicated; I fell into slumber ...

    ©Jay_al feat Tee_writes

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