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Just In: VC Breaks Silence on Rumour Of School Fees Hike

In order to shed light on the rumour over increment of school fees, Olofofo Uniosun based on reality has interviewed the Vice Chancellor of Osun State University.

Professor Labode Popoola; the Vice Chancellor has reacted to the issue of increment of school fees in an interview with Olofofo Uniosun correspondents.

The interview was conducted on 30th of June, 2017.

“The last accreditation exercise of our engineering programme, we committed N46m to purchase needed equipment ( a miserable 25% of budget presented by the faculty) because I will never be a part of an “arrangee” accreditation. We will be paying this in three tranches to the vendor. Now, when you sum up the total amount paid by engineering students since inception of the programme, it does not add up. “; the VC said.

He added that if every student pays up the upper limit of fees which is one hundred and twenty-five thousand naira, it cannot pay 10 months salaries of workers.

“If every student pays up the upper limit of fees (125k), it does not pay 10 months salaries of workers.”; he added.

In response to one of the questions that were asked by Olofofo Uniosun correspondent if the school fees will truly be increased, the Vice Chancellor said; “The reality is that we must review our fees”.

He further added that the review of school fees will not affect the current students of the institution but the incoming ones.

“In order not to cause any unnecessary crisis, current students will graduate with the current fee regime. Incoming students will start with revised fees, which of course, will still be lower than what is required to train a university student”; Vice Chancellor added.

He however made it known to Olofofo Uniosun that returning students should prepare to pay for field trips which is optional.

The Vice Chancellor finally pronounced to Olofofo Uniosun that students should demand results and accountability from his administration and they should be bold to report any lecturer who is not doing his job deligently.


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