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Oya Ladies: Nollywood actress, Bimbo Oshin gives ladies advice on how to treat their mother inlaw

Award winning Nollywood actress and producer, Bimbo Oshin has given married ladies a tip on how to win the heart of their mother inlaw as well as their husbands.

The actress who got married to Ola Ibironke, Dudu Heritage’s boss must have spoken through her personal experience and observations.

She advised ladies who wants to win the heart of a man that if they must do so, then they have to love his mother. And to win the mothers heart as well, they have to love their son. In doing that things will fall in pleasant places for them.

One of the reasons why mother in-laws have controversy with their daughter-in law is because they feel the daughter-in-law will not allow their adorable son to give them the attention they needed.

In her words,” To win a man, you have to love his mother . To win a mother you have to love her son . Mothers-in-law are always afraid that daughters-in-law would not allow their sons to give them due attention. Prove this wrong by being closer to her. Remember say one day one day you self go become mother -in-law oooooo #chikena#lobatan#karma#don’tgiveup”.

Well for ladies who wants to win both hearts , you can follow this principle by Bimbo for it will surely benefit you. of what use is quarreling with your husband or fiance’s mother. Some day, you will surely become a mother-in-law. Beware of Karma.

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