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Awnn: Lovely new photos of acid attack survivor, Naomi Oni would steal your Heart

When life throws you lemons, don't cry, pick it up, Make lemonades, add sugar and honey, add ice and take!

Naomi Oni, a former Victoria's Secret worker, had acid poured on her face in 2012 by her jealous childhood friend, Mary Konye, who was obsessed with her and emulated all she did. Konye, who had been her friend since the age of 11 is currently serving a 12 year jail sentence. She had become very obsessed with Naomi, jealous of her good looks and, after an argument between them, attacked her with acid in 2012.

She disguised herself in a veil to stalk her friend from work and shortly before Naomi reached her home in Essex, Konye doused her with concentrated sulphuric acid, leaving her scarred for life.

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