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Make Way: On a lowkey Meet the Golden President of Asson-NAU

The Golden President in person of Ekele Samuel succeeded as The President of ASSON Nnamdi Azikwe University Chapter after a though election with 7 Competitors.

The good looking young President has something pleasant to say:

Greatest of the greatest Assonites

I can't thank you enough.
Thank you for believing in me. Thank you for supporting me. Thank you for standing by me and for seeing me through.
I will not let you down. I promise to work according to my manifesto, and with your support, I know it is achievable.
To all who voted me, I say a big thank you. To those who did not, thank you as well.. I will not fail you.
I am deeply moved by the expression of confidence from all three classes, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart. I am immensely grateful to my Asson family, friends, and loyal supporters who so generously contributed their time and effort to our campaign during this very tedious season.
Once again I say a very big thanks.
Finally we dey game.

Like I promised, I will always have your welfare at heart, even now..
Success is your remaining exams..

Out going Asson D. O. S,
Asson presidential elect
           The Golden boy

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