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Better life - NGO: How GHRC Changes Nigerian Lives For Good


We are GREEN HOUSE RESOURCE CENTRE, an NGO that is down-to-earth; one that is of the society and for the society. We are a body that thinks with the society, feels with its people and acts with them to confront our common challenges-hunger, civil strife, poverty, effects of social fragmentation, diseases and many more, for common progress and happiness. We believe that “no time is neither late nor anything too small to make a change.”


Green House Resource Centre is deeply committed to securing a better, happier and more aware society through its sterling and grassroots outreach.

We are given to ensuring accessibility to social protection both for the vulnerable children and women who suffer from malnutrition and hygiene challenges. To this end we recognize that “To secure our collective future, we have to secure humanity.” Knowing full well that women and children constitute mainly the bottom-line and are always at the receiving end of social hazards, we do really acknowledge that they deserve ultimate and special attention. Most women in traditional societies are bread winners of their different homes, and ensuring their health and livelihood, we duly acknowledge, is ensuring the survival of the most important units of every society-the families (in particular) and the society at large.

Our social security also includes internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) who are the tormenting ends of terrorism, militant scourges and other told and untold social persecutions, instability and fragmentations.

We are also committed to making advocacy for and security in the society for sustainable development. To this end, we recognize that peace and “stomach” security are sine-qua-non for social progress and sustainable development which form the bedrock of our 21st century reality. Combating these common challenges without pretense is the first and crucial step for redefining lives and living.

Our NGO is also committed to organizing training sessions for vulnerable persons. We offer them different vocational training for them to acquire basic skills and know-how they can utilize for their survival, and which they can use in helping the entrepreneurial and reliance hub of their societies. We avert our minds to the reality that engaging them in hand-works helps to address other problems like crimes, over-dependence and other attendant problems.

We equally mobilize children, youths and women for social development. Recognizing that this is a veritable tool for social viscosity, as coming together is the prime in building our society together; we explore the tool of enlightenment and aware ness creation in making for social solidarity for security.


Our organization provides social assistance measures aimed at targeting the poor and IDPs. In the short term plan, we assist them by providing them with basic necessities like food; clothing and shelter to enable them cope with the vagaries of life. In the long run, we furnish them with life-saving skills and know-hows by empowering them with entrepreneurial skills. This makes them functional members of their families and societies, and restores lost hopes.
We embark on self-help activities for persons who are affected by natural or man-made disasters; we hereby provide them with relief items. We have worked in operationalization the sustainable development goals aimed at protecting the displaced in Nigeria. This also makes for restoration of social responsibility and self-reliance aimed at addressing the issue of poverty and economic hardship.

We also provide assist the poor, less-privileged especially women and children who are the most vulnerable and helpless given their social circumstances as far as traditional societies are concerned. Securing their welfare is done through the process of social security by helping combat hunger and helping them to maintain minimum living standard.

Our NGO also form a strong base for social advocacy for the vulnerable, less-privileged, the neglected and the war and terrorism torn masses. We serve as their voices and project their plights to policy makers, national and international platforms. Through this, they get help of different dimensions.

Consolidation of peace and social harmony is another thing we do. We serve as benchmark for the advocacy of peace and unity, knowing full well the integral place of peace and unity in social progress and common development.

To a good end, we mobilize individuals, groups and different classes of people for social progress and development. This is got through the tools of education, enlightenment, workshop programs sensitization which all aim at bringing different interests together for collective building of societies.


Our esteemed objectives/goals are:
To stem social security of the poor, vulnerable and the displaced through timely and constant assistance;
To cement and restore lost hopes and confidence by extending valuable and caring hands to the socially and economically trapped;
To make for social sustainability through rendering entrepreneurial and skill acquisition opportunities to different classes of less privileged;
To strengthen social bond and drive progress with the tool of peace and security advocacy;
Also to serve as mouthpiece and agent of projection for unheard voices towards addressing their plights;
To serve as a hub for mobilization and enlightenment for social viscosity and development;
Helping in healing those displaced and wounded by varying social fragmentations;
And reaching out to the grassroots for a better and more balanced society.


To be a leading NGO fronting global social security and sustainability;
To champion the course of assisting the vulnerable, less privileged and the displaced;
To be in the frontline of restoring lost hopes;
To be the vehicular power that drives 21st century sustainable development through providing entrepreneurial skills and training to not only those at the bottom-line but also those not meaningfully engaged;
To utilize advocacy in changing our society for progress and lasting development;
To have a global effect in terms of mobilization for common progress;
And to reach out to the entirety of societies’ grassroots in a bid to create a society where all are happy and have their welfares secured.


The welfare and security of the society is our concern.
Green House Resource Center believes in:
Maximum care
Philanthropic gestures
Vibrancy and
Social progress
For any enquiry, contact 08030900257.

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