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Deep: 969 million of Plastic Coke and 12 other Things You Can Buy In Nigeria With Neymar's Transfer Fee... Number 1 would shock you

Brazilian football superstar Neymar is leaving Spanish club Barcelona and moving to Paris St-Germain in France and is set to burst the transfer record fee with a whooping €222m .

That equates to £198m or $262m . In Naira, that is around 96940000000 Naira. N96.9bn .

What can you do with that type of money in this country?

1. Not much, but you can sponsor the 2017 budget of any of these 4 Nigerian states, Ekiti with N93bn, Gombe N69bn, Nasarawa N67bn or Yobe N69.3bn and still be a multi billionaire

2. Pay the salary of 449,000 workers for a year at 18k minimum wage

3. There are about 10 planes in the presidential fleet. The Boeing Business Jet, which is also known as the Airforce 1, costs approximately $80m. You could help president Buhari reduce the cost of governance by copping that and have some change left. The change can buy two other choppers in the presidential fleet

4. Scholarships for over 27000 students in Covenant University for 4 years each

5. Over 414,000 Samsung Galaxy S8 phones at 243k each

6. 52 plots of land in Banana Island plot at $5m each

7. Over 1000 Rolls Royce Ghost luxury vehicles at $250,000 each

8. 121,000 Toyata Camry (Pencil Light) vehicles at 800k each

9. 5 million bags of rice

10. 51 million cartons of Indomie Chicken noodles

11. 28 million packs of Domino pizza

12. 646 million bags of sachet water (pure water)

13. 969 million bottles of plastic Coke

If you had that type of money, what would you buy?

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