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A2satBlog Sallah GiveAway: A2Bites for A2Bers [How To Win]

Hi dear A2Bers

Hope you're all enjoying your day😉, What of my meat? Lolz.😅

This is to inform you that, the A2satBlog🦅 Sallah GiveAway🤗🛍🛒 would be holding Tonight(3 sept. 2017 CAT:21:00)😁.

Charge Up your Phones📱 keep it on Power-saving mode😌. If At 98% charge it till 100%👌 and if possible continue charging till 9pm😄.

It's gonna be lite, you can't afford to miss out.💯

You all have brought us this far and it's time to celebrate you.💋💋 It's time to give some A2bites to our A2Bers😎

Anticipate the Following tonight😉;

We would be giving out Airtime(maybe Ram Self🤷🏻‍♂) to:
1⃣That person that have the latest App version of A2satBlog(version 2.0).. You might have to send screenshots to claim the price(just a single person)

2⃣That person who do Share most of our posts via Goggle+/WhatsApp/Facebook e.t.c

⃣That person who do comment the most on Our posts via our Blog

4⃣That dude with the Fastest Finger via our Official WhatsApp group

4⃣ That person who subscribed to our Blog news

NB: the airtime might be small but trust me it's more than #10😅

Let's get set... Hours to go.

Your's in Update✍

Feel free to join our WhatsApp Group while the gate is still opened

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