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And The winner is...: 'America's Got Talent' crowns its 2017 winner

The time has finally come to crown a winner for the latest season of “America’s Got Talent.” After a year of dancers, singers, comedians and much more, the crop of contestants were whittled down to just one.

Before the big name was revealed, the finale kicked off with a bit of a victory lap as each of the performers took the stage for a brief showcase with a celebrity. Stars like Kelly Clarkson and Jeff Dunham joined the remaining 10 contestants for one last night of spectacle. Sadly, it couldn’t be all fun and games for the finalists, as nine had to be sent home with nothing.

After 52 million votes, a record for “America’s Got Talent,” it was time to reveal who lost. Mandy Harvey, the singer who hits amazing notes despite being deaf, edged out the lightning-fast lyricist Chase Goehring. Next, singer Evie Clair and the amazing dog-dancing team, Sarah and Hero, came forward and host Tyra Banks revealed that Sarah and her dog took the second spot in the top 5. Taking the third spot was Light Balance, sending the incredible acrobatic dance group Diavolo home. The remaining comedians went next, with Darci Lynne beating Preacher Lawson for the fourth spot. Finally, Angelica Hale beat out Kechi to secure the last spot in the top 5.

As if the tension wasn’t thick enough, the show returned from a commercial break to reveal the top 3 performers. Finishing in fifth place was Sarah and Hero and in fourth place was Mandy Harvey. With that, just Angelica Hale, Darci Lynne and Light Balance were left. Fortunately, at this point, there were no losers.

After a tense pause, it was down to just the kids, as Light Balance was sent home with third place. The Ukrainian group took their time to thank America for putting them this far and loving them this much. After yet another commercial break, the big moment came…

America had to choose between the ventriloquist and the young singing prodigy. In the end, after a record number of votes, a long road of performances, outrageous support from new fans and critics from the judges the two stood ready for Banks to read the results.

Walking away with $1 million and their own show in Las Vegas was Darci Lynne. While Angelica Hale seemed sad to lose the big win, Season 12 concluded with the confetti and fanfare of a truly epic and awe-inspiring season. As for what’s next for Darci Lynne, fans will just have to pay attention to the rest of her career.

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