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Bangdadadang: iPhone 8 to use Wireless Charger and Face recognition - Disgrunted Apple Employee Leaks Details on iPhone 8 Specs and Features

The BBC claims to have confirmed an anonymous source said to be behind a leak of some of the specifications and features of the yet to be released Apple flagship phone, iPhone 8.

The high end phone, code-named 'iPhone X' handset, is set to be launched on September 12 in California.

Rumored Features

1. Face recognition
A new ‘Face ID’ system will make up for the fact that the phone’s fingerprint sensor is about to vanish – and you’ll be able to use it to authenticate Apple Pay, the code reveals.

2. Wireless charging
It’s been rumoured for months, but the leak confirms that at least one iPhone model will support wireless charging. It’ll use the Qi wireless charging standard but (of course) Apple’s phones will only work with special Apple chargers.

3. Goodbye Home button, hello Home bar
There won’t be a Home button any more – instead, there’ll be a bar of ‘virtual’ buttons which you can use to navigate in and out of apps.

4. New ‘all screen’ look
Every leaked prototype device has shown off a new ‘all screen’ look and the code leak confirms that at least one new device with have an edge-to-edge HD screen.
It’ll also boast a longer 18.5:9 aspect ratio (similar to Samsung phones) – and a native resolution of 2436 x 1125 pixels.

5. Smarter power button
With the Home button done away with, the power button is stepping up a gear – with double presses activating Apple Pay, and holding the button down activating Siri.

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