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Coughs: All you should know about the all-new N380, 000 mobille device, iPhone 8

The new iPhone 8 the world has been waiting for is slated to be unveiled either on Tuesday, September 12, or Wednesday, September 13.

Apple has confirmed an event for September 12, and the iPhone 8 release date will be Friday, September 22, based on Apple’s previous launch patterns.

And lovers of iPhones cannot wait to know what the iPhone 8 would look like and the price. brings you things to know about iPhone 8.

1. It’s going to have a bigger screen
The whole point of the new iPhone 8 is going to be the fact that it’s got a bigger screen than anything Apple has ever made, but in a body
that’s smaller than the iPhone 7 Plus.

2. It will be faster than ever
Some of the things that Apple is going to chuck at this new iPhone (which we will come onto a little bit later) will require a bit more grunt in the engine room, so there needs to be some more power coming out.

3.It will be expensive
The iPhone will cost you around $1000 / £900 / AU$1250 /#360000. that is the amount the new iPhone we likely be sold at. And thats about N380,000.

4.It will have two cameras
First, they will be arranged vertically, rather than horizontally, on the back of the phone for the augmented reality (AR) functions (we’ll come onto in a moment).

Secondly – and this is a big one – both cameras are well-tipped to have optical image stabilisation. That means sharper images, better low-light performance overall and a telephoto lens that will allow you to actually zoom in and have great pics.

The Portrait mode, the bokeh effect seen on the iPhone 7 Plus, will be upgraded with more lighting effects to make these photos look smoother
and more impactful on social media.

5.It will be the first ‘proper’ AR machine for Apple
Following on from the camera upgrades, AR is going to be a big push for Apple with the new iPhone 8.

By having the dual cameras on the rear of the phone it will have the ability to perceive the depth of what’s being looked at, so the new iPhone will be able to ‘see’ your surroundings.

6. It will have an OLED display
This is big for Apple – it’s been one of the key advantages rival Samsung has had over it for years, and for good reason. OLED displays just look more impressive, it is to have ‘perfect’ black levels and more rich, immersive colours.

This will allow for smoother visuals, HDR video playback and possibly even a virtual reality (VR) push, as OLED lends itself well to VR and
the faster screen refresh.

7. It won’t have a home button
There won’t be a home button. There wasn’t really one on the iPhone 7, as the ‘button’ didn’t click but vibrated haptically whenever pushed, so users probably won’t struggle to adapt as much as they would have thought.

8.The battery will be bigger
The iPhone will need a bigger battery, but the larger screen (with likely more pixels too) is going to need more power to run… so the internal power pack needs to step up as a result.

The iPhone 7 Plus has a 2900mAh unit inside, and the word is that the iPhone 8 will be ‘larger’, which could mean just 3000mAh – that said,
it should be just about enough to keep things going well.

9.The new Animojis in iOS 11 Credit:
This is likely to be a multi-functional area that changes with different apps, a zone near your finger or thumb that performs new functions depending on where you are in the phone – it’ll be interesting to see how long it takes developers to start using it, if indeed it does come to fruition.

There will be myriad tweaks throughout the handset as well that the new larger screen will offer – not least the button in the top-left corner to take you back through apps being almost unreachable, so something will have to be done there – so if you do plump for a new iPhone 8, expect a slight learning curve.

10. It won’t have a headphone jack
Given the iPhone 8 is set to be all-new in design, it would be one of the most un-courageous climbdowns in the history of phone manufacturing if Apple re-enabled the headphone jack – and no render we’ve seen has had a port anywhere in sight.

There is talk of new Airpods being unveiled at the iPhone 8 launch event, and that would squarely highlight how Apple is looking to a wireless future for its audio.

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