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EhnEhnn: Mama Taraba Apologizes to APC for Premature Endorsement of Atiku For President

Nigeria's Minister for Women Affairs, Aisha Alhassan, has apologized to the APC for endorsing Abubakar Atiku for President in 2019.

This is according to APC spokesman, Bolaji Abdullahi.
Speaking after the minister's meeting with the part on Thursday, he said Alhsasan has apologized to the party for her actions.

“When she came, we asked her to explain to us what truly transpired and in what context she said what she said and she did offer these explanations. Now, having offered her explanations, we acknowledged that as a member of this party, she is entitled to her opinion and she is entitled to her choice. However, as a senior member of this party, her statements represent an act of indiscretion because with the kind of position she occupies even within the party, she is a party leader in her own right, what she said was not what she was supposed to say at the time that she said it; that she ought to have exercised greater judgement than she did and she acknowledged that yes, maybe she ought not to have…maybe the timing was wrong and she apologised that if she had put the party in any difficult position, she apologised.

“I want you to take note of the fact that nobody is questioning her right to take the position she has taken. We have not come out to say, ‘why are you saying you are supporting this person?’

"She has a right to her choice and to support whoever she wants to support afterall she is not saying she supports a member of another party but what we are saying is that with the position she occupies, she ought to have exercised greater sense of discretion and better judgment knowing that making that kind of statement would definitely create some other situations for the party, if not for the government."

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