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Gbese: Bride-to-be ran away with £13,000 of her fiance and his friends’ stag party fund

LOL! Seriously??? A bride-to-be, who was trusted by her fiance to organise his stag party, left him feeling embarrassed when she ran away with his stag party funds, leaving him and his friends stranded.

Rachel Dorans, 27, had gone as far as forging boarding passes for flights to Ibiza after collecting £440 off each of her fiance's friends. Chris Mahone, from Whitehaven, Cumbria in England, said he and 30 friends arrived at the airport on Thursday for the four day getaway only to find out their tickets were fake and their hotel had not been booked.

It was only then they became aware that Rachel had deceived them and the friends were left stranded at Leeds and Bradford Airport as Chris desperately tried to speak to her. By the time he returned to the home he shared with Rachel, she had already left with the £13,000 fund for the stag party.

Sources close to Rachel said she believed that Chris had cheated on her and wanted revenge. However, she had been mistaken and she quickly became the butt of the town’s jokes and even her own family disowned her.

Chris who had gone on Facebook the previous night to post "ready for Ibiza", returned to the same platform to apologise to his friends, some of which had been setting aside money every week to give to Rachel.

He wrote: "Words cannot describe the pain and feelings that are playing with my head today. I totally want to apologise to all my fantastic mates that were gonna celebrate what was supposed to be my stag do. I can’t apologise enough. I’m sorry boys I really am."

His friends quickly created and posted memes of Rachel superimposed on film posters including Runaway Bridge and The Wolf of Wall Street.

One relative told The Sun: "It happened because she heard he’d cheated on her, when he hadn’t. She must have been planning her revenge for months, maybe a year. She’s disgusting."

Another relative, who did not want to be named, said: "We are all devastated. He thought she was the most amazing fiancée ever, for organising the stag and everything. My mum confronted Rachel in the home she shares with Chris across the road. She said sorry and was told she had better leave."

Even Rachel’s gran Monica McKee, 81, has washed her hands of her.
She said: "Her parents are just devastated, embarrassed and disgusted — they won’t even come out the house. We’ve all done everything for her and all she’s done is throw it back in our faces."


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