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HAPPY NEW YEAR: All you need to know, when does it start and end, why do the dates change and how do Muslims mark Islamic New Year?

The date of the religious festival is different each year, here's how it is decided

MUHARRAM kicks off the start of the year in the Islamic calendar.

Millions of Muslims around the world will be observing the holy festivity. Here's everything you need to know about the month long celebration and period of reflection...
Adults and children in Bangladesh celebrate the first month of the Islamic lunar calendar

What is Muharram?
In the Islamic calendar, Muharram is considered to be the second most sacred month, following Ramadan .

The Quran states that Allah marked this time as a holy period.

It takes its name from the word for "forbidden".

Observers take Muharram as the first month of their year, which is different from the Georgian calendar.
Revellers mark Muharram, a religious observance that lasts 28 days.

When does Muharram take place?
The date of Muharram changes each year as the time of the festivity is decided by lunar movements.

This means the religious observance can change by around 11 days every year.

According to astronomical calculations, in 2017 it will start on September 21 (TODAY ).

Muharram continues for 28 days, so will draw to a close on October 19.

A Shiite re-enacts scene to commemorate the martyrdom of Imam Hussein, a grandson of Prophet Muhammad

How do Muslims mark Islamic New Year?
Sunni and Shia Muslims have different traditions linked to Muharram.

Followers of Ali, or Shia Muslims, commemorate the grandson of Muhammad.

The period has a historical significance, as it marks the date Hussein ibn Ali was martyred.
During this solemn time, they refrain from taking part in joyous events.
Sunni Muslims fast on the 10th day of Muharram, as this is marked in religious scriptures.

This is to pay respects to the rescue of the people of Israel by Moses from the Pharaoh.

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