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Someone that would die would kuku die: Hurricane Irma survivor dies in accident a week after coming home (Photo)

They say 'You cannot cheat death'. A tragic holidaymaker who survived the devastating Hurricane Irma has died in a motorbike crash just a week after he came home.

According to, Jamie Thomas was staying at a villa in Kissimmee, Florida, when the Category Five storm struck on September 10.

The 28-year-old helped board up the property and reassured friends and family that he was safe amidst the devastation.

Jamie returned to the UK on September 17 but died a week later when his motorbike struck a horsebox near his home in Gloucestershire.

His friend in Florida, Rina Alicia, said: "Jamie was more than a friend to us. He was our family in our hearts and he felt the same way.

"He said I was his American mom and my daughter was his little sissy. They did so much together. She is distraught over his loss, we all are.

"Jamie had a heart of gold and would do anything for anyone.

"My daughter and I were coming to his mum's house for a vacation and he was taking four days off to take me and his sissy to London with his mum.

"God knows he had love all over, his personality was rare, a blessing.

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