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This one is very small: Nollywood Actress reveals Why she wants to Enlarge Her Butt[Photo]

Buxomy actress, Cossy Ojiakor, said she is no longer satisfied with her mammoth mammary glands; she also wants bigger butt.

She uploaded a picture of her butt on Instagram recently and asked for her followers’ opinion as to whether she should go under the knife for a bigger backside.

In an exclusive chat with PUNCH, the actress explained why she is lusting for a larger bum.

“I am so happy that Nigerians are looking sexy. As a matter of fact I want to go and enlarge my butt. I think it is very small so I want a bigger one. I may have the surgery in December, January or any time I choose.

“I am seriously thinking about it. My message to everyone out there is, if you have any problem with your body, go ahead and do something about it. If it’s big boobs, or butt; go ahead and do that. Otherwise, you will just be there watching other people make things happen. Back in the days, white people had flat butt, but now they are so sexy,” she said.

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