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Are you Ready: Odunlade Adekola, one of the biggest fishes in the Nollywood river, set to Release New movie "The Vendor"

If a seer had told actor Odunlade Adekola about a decade ago that he would be one of the biggest fishes in the Nollywood river in ten years, he probably would have laughed it off

Considering the fact that the actor has always had faith bigger than a mustard seed.

Odunlade today has gone from the
‘Sunday Dagboru’, ‘Monday Omo Adugbo’ to ‘The Vendor’!

The movie producer has produced over ten movies since his breakthrough in the industry but this is the first time Odunlade is producing a Cinema movie, a break from his usual!

The movie, ‘The Vendor’ from the short scenes seen on his page is a comedy with English, Pidgin and Yoruba well infused to make it a standard cinema movie.

For the first time Odun is working with actress Adunni Ade and some other top stars in the business of acting.

We already foresee another box office smasher! Kudos to Odunlade who has been able to leave his comfort zone and try his hands on something extra! We can’t wait to see ‘ The Vendor’ !

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