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Bloggers Come Closer: Tips on how to join Osun State Bloggers Association (OSBA)

Osun State Bloggers Association  is meant to connect bloggers in the state and to give ourselves state recognition.

Do you know that we disseminate information than the journalists,then why can't we be recognized? We are read more than those newspapers.

The population of we Bloggers in Osun State is more than the total number of journalists, yet, we are not recognized.

What is the mission of OSBA?

We shall make membership free for Osun State Bloggers

We shall organize a Bloggers Summit. Linda Ikeji and other popular Nigerian bloggers will be the guests

We shall write the Osun State Government of our existence

We shall get direct advertisements from Companies and the money will be shared among members.

We shall write all politicians contesting in 2018 election for campaign on our blog. Our association will get it as contract and the money will be justly shared among members.

We shall write politicians contesting in 2019 for Nigeria presidential election.

We shall organize workshop training for bloggers on different topics.

We shall invite editor in chief of top newspaper for a Talk

We shall own a program on Osbc, NTA and radio stations named "Bloggers Connect". We will invite our members for talk show.

We shall give members Identity card for free

We shall promote ourselves on each blogger's platform.

We shall give Annual Award in the presence of Top Nigerian Dignitaries.

Dear blogger, it's time for you to be appreciated and recognized. There is no restriction to any content, once you are a blogger irrespective of your content, you are free to join(Note: We don't accept pornographic blogger).

Registration is going on online.  Click this link to register

We will mail you on our next meeting so that we can give you your ID Card and discuss on our upcoming event.

For Enquiry: Call 08173439369, 08137263524

Or mail us on


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