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CUTA Exclusive Celebrities Interview Episode 2: We bring you your Favorite Social Media Comedian; Lizzy Jay Omo Ibadan

Catch Up Time with A2satBlog[CUTA]

Episode 2

Hello Dear A2Bers, guess who we have for you on CUTA This Time around, We bring you one of your Favorite Social Media Celebrities, A Comedian, A Singer and on Top of it all the Second Lady we would be Having on this Section; Miss ADEYELA ADEBOLA Popularly known as Lizzy Jay Omo Ibadan.

Like the likes of Twyse, EmmaOhMyGod, Maraji, Wofaifada and Others, Lizzy made good use of Social Media Platform to build a ground for herself and as we speak she's one of the most talked about Social Media Comedian.

Lizzy Jay is known for the Ibadan accents which she use in her comedy skits. She's also into music but she rose to stardom through comedy.

Lizzy disclosed a lot of interesting things about her in this Interview, and she also has a few words for her fans.

Join us as we get to let you know much more about Lizzy Jay Omo Ibadan, about how she came about the name, How she got into comedy and lot more

Welcome to Catch Up Time with A2satBlog (CUTA)
Exclusive Celebrities interview Section
Exclusive to
Can you Please Introduce yourself to Our Readers by Telling us your Full name and a little about yourself

My name is Adeyela Adebola aka Lizzy Jay Omo ibadab.
I am a native of Ile- Ife, grew up here in ife, finished my OND from federal polytechnic Ede in the year 2015.

Can you tell us how you first got into comedy skit making and what inspired you into Omo Ibadan cosin Senta Skits

Well Boredom they say precedes moments of great innovation and creativity, it all started after i finished from federal polytechnic Ede and i decided to proceed into OAU, i was offered admission into Microbiology department in OAU and after printing the admission letter and all, registration started and I couldn't find my name on their eportal anymore, it was very frustrating, in one word I lost the admission and I found myself sitting down at home alone, very bored, the moment of Boredom helped me in discovering many things about me tho, well I'm this girl full of crazy thoughts and I usually write funny posts on Facebook and I have people who do look forward to my posts, I decided to maximize what I have, instead of writing the crazy thoughts as posts, I started making it into videos and that was how it started.
I Decided to pick the Omo Ibadan as my brand since I make most of my skits in Ibadan accent... I can't really say what inspired the Cosin senta, just the normal crazy part of me.

You've surely been through a lot, But When not making skits, what would you be caught doing

Singing, playing guitar, writing or sleeping.

Talking about singing, are you into music?

Yes, I started with writing songs. Inspirational songs, love songs
I have few songs I recorded. Everyone knew me as a singer/rapper when I was in Federal polytechnic Ede.

Wow, you seem to be super talented, are your parents aware of it all and how supportive are they?

Parents are very supportive, they believe so much in me and u always have their support in whatever decision I take.

You are lucky to have them, most parents think otherwise and find it hard to believe in their children, what's your say to this?

I can't say I am lucky to have them that would be and understatement ,I am so blessed to have them, looking back and seeing that my parent are solidly behind me is indeed a blessing and always very encouraging.
I don't really know what to say to this, but like they do say Charity begins at home, if parents don't believe in their children then who will? I will just advice parents to try and be supporting their children, their is no greater encouragement than when your Parents are proud of what you do.

Nice words,
Currently on Instagram you have over 60,000 Followers as at the last time we checked, How would you cope and what would you do to get it back if it ever get hacked by Hackers

Well, I built my followers through my comedy skits, if my account get hacked, the same Comedy skits would get my followers back for me...I don't know how

Perfect Answer! So do you perform live at shows

Not yet...
I decided to start with Anchoring events, Hosting talk shows and then go into live performance

Ok, now we are at the Second part of The Interview which is always full of fun, are you ready?


Wizkid or Davido, which of them is the best?

I love both of them...
I don't take sides

If you are to go into politics which political post would you go for?

I sincerely don't have answer to that

Who's your celebrity crush?

Tiwa Savage

Wow, why her?

I just love her style, her voice
And there this other Actress I really love too..Toyin Aimakhu (Toyin Abraham). I Love her personality, I love the kind of person she is.

Ok, so finally, Word of encouragement for upcoming comedians

My word of encouragement goes to everyone with potentials, please don't give up, keep doing what you believe in, one day your dreams will come through.

Say a few words to your Fans

I want to say Thank you to all my Fans out there, thank you so much, thanks for believing in me and thanks for the support, I love you so much.

How can your fans reach you... Like IG handle, Twitter Handle, Snapchat, e.t.c

My IG handle is @iamlizzy jay
Twitter : @iamlizzyjay1
Facebook Page: Lizzyjayofficial

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Thanks for Finding Time out of your very Tight Schedule to have this conversation with us... We hope to see you soon Lizzy Jay Omo Ibadan, success.

You are welcome

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