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CUTA Exclusive Celebrities Interview Episode 3: "I would quit my wedding for $300million" MC Exponent

Catch Up Time with A2satBlog[CUTA]

Episode 3

Dear A2Bers
Today on our Third Editiob of Catch Up Time With A2satBlog we host our First Male Celebrity who happens to be A MC, A student and also an Artist Manager with the Name Abdulsalam Gbolahan, Popularly known as EXPONENT.

The Final Year Student of Osun State University reveals a lot of things about himself and how he was able to discover himself quite Early.

Come along as we get to know quite much about this one in a million MC, MC EXPONENT.


Welcome to Catch Up Time with A2satBlog exclusive Celebrities Interview
Can you tell our Readers a little about yourself and what you do?

My name is Abdul Salam Gbolahan popularly known as Exponent
Am an Mc and I also manage some artiste

Can you tell us how you come about the Nick "EXPONENT"

The nick started way back from my secondary school days when I was chosen as the senior boy of which I happened to be the first senior boy from commercial department it's has always been science student. So the sconce student didn't abide and follow my rules but I didn't somethings which made them to follow my administration. So someone just called me Exponent. Which I oppose the meaning

Wow and I guess that's how the fame started

Yeah! Started with music in 2013 with a friend Record label(Nastro Gang music) early 2015 I switched to MC and I got signed to a record label that same year as the record label manager which has 5 artiste

Tell us the little challenges you've Faced or Facing in your Profession & how you're able to get over it?

Challenges as been somehow though. Money issue at time, but I know good things comes to those who wait. Am here today been God's blessing so far

But why did you quit music? And why did you switch into being a MC?

Music wasn't the call from start just did it cos most of my friends are in the role. And the music made me popular.
Had passion for hosting and presenting from my secondary school days

You mentioned earlier that you also do manage artists, How has it been, being MC and also a manager?

Mehn it's not easy to be honest. Artistes want me to promote and work with them always. I also want to work on myself and get to high length. Trust me it's hard but I still thank God.  I schedule things proper.
So one doesn't affect one at all. And my mc works with artist too

Wow to make things more Complex you are also a Student, How do you get to balance Study with your Profession?

Been fine. When it's time for school gonna be in school. Education is important

That brings us to the question, Where are you studying and what course

Osun state university
Business administration

So what next after school

A lot but let's still hope on what's God gonna do
Ain't leaving entertainment for nothing

Ok, now we are at the Second part of The Interview which is always full of fun, are you ready?


What can't you be caught dead doing?

Do you have Tattoos on, if yes, where and how many?

No I. Don't
But I will soon

300m$ to stop your wedding would you stop it?

Who wedding help? I will of course

You're the The First Male to feature on CUTA [Catch Up Time with A2satBlog], how do you feel about this

And happy to be on this platform

Finally, say something about About A2satBlog and Too Shot Comedy

Love your comedy skit. Would say u are the first student doing something like that
Keep it up

Thanks, A word to your fans out there

Keep supporting and I won't let them down

How can your fans reach you on social media

On instagram :@youngexponent
Snapchat: exponent47
Twitter: exponent147
WhatsApp ; 09058255132
Facebook; Abdulsalami Gbolahan

And that brings us to the end of the Interview, Thanks for creating Time to have this Interview with us despite ur tight schedule... We look forward to seeing you soon. Mr Exponent

Of course
Thanks for having me too


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