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EhnEhhn: Mourinho finally Reveals Reason Why he Made 'Shut up' Gesture After Tottenham Game

Manchester United on Saturday defeated Tottenham Hotspur at Old Trafford by a lone goal in a high-profile game.

At the sound of the final whistle, Manchester United Manager, Jose Mourinho, put his forefinger to his lips in a manner which seems to tell his critics, "shut up, I know what I'm doing."

Asked what he meant by the signal, Mourinho retorted: “Calm down, relax a little bit. Don’t be so nervous, relax.

“I don’t understand some reactions when people question “Are they Red Devils?” Our two strikers were up against amazing central defenders today, some of the best in Europe.

“Martial plays the same position as Marcus but is more comfortable dropping in between the lines and driving with the ball as well as attacking space. I told him to do that when he came on and to play from Lukaku.

“He was against three very good defenders but they’d had a hard match for 70 minutes.

“Maybe it was a lucky shot but his desire was good and the goal gives us two more points than 0-0. It was deserved.”

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