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Ehnehn: i didn't run away, only went to visit my uncle in the village - Kidnapper Evan's Secretary Exclaimed after arrest and also disclosed her monthly salary

Nigeria police detectives have captured Ngozika Ezeokoye, the secretary to the billionaire kidnapper named Evans, who went into hiding as soon as she learnt that police had nabbed her employer.

After she was captured, Ngozika said she never knew her boss was into kidnapping.

“I used to work with a bank till I retired because of the poor condition of work. I got a job with CMT motors in 2015.

“Initially, our warehouse was in Apapa till they moved us to 235 Ago Palace way in Okota in 2016. My job was to take note of trucks that go to work, their destination and amount due for each trip.

“The company has eleven trucks and all the vehicles original documents in my possession. The name of my boss is George Onwuamadike and every money is paid into Chinwuba multi trade limited.

“I was paid N70,000 a month. I only knew about it on TV. I did not run away, I only travelled to visit my uncle in the village when I received a call that I should bring the documents. I was planning to come to Lagos when the police arrested me.”

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