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Ehya: Jim Iyke Finally reveals why his relationship with Actress Rita Dominic Failed

Nollywood Bad Boy, Jim Iyke has just revealed that he indeed dated his colleague, Rita Dominic, and now, he’s talking about why their relationship didn’t work out.

In a new interview with Broadway TV, he opened up on why his relationship with Rita Dominic didn’t lead to marriage.

He said;
Rita and I met when I was just beginning to embrace fame, the comforts that came with it.The laurels and the distraction,even the destruction. And Rita is not the kind of woman that hangs around a growth. We were very deep with each other. We still are great friends. As a matter of fact, it may surprise you that we haven’t spoken to each other in over two years. But when we meet,we are cordial, respectful.
There is that deep rooted thing of a man or woman you shared something with.
I don’t think Rita at that time was looking at longevity, truthfully. Don’t forget,I was the kid with the crazy afro, ready to start a fight.
My life was around having a good time and as many conquests as possible .So,who wants that kind of guy? So this question is futuristic in a sense. Fast forward perhaps 10 years from now ,that question may have had dept or hold water.

He further said their relationship crashed due to his wild behaviour and bad boy antics back then;
But then,what was there to hold on to?I mean,seriously ?I was partying like a crazy person.She tried to show me another life and say listen ‘there is so much more to you ” I promise you that Rita will not hang around with a lay about .I was uncontrollable. I think we have outgrown each other now .I would not see Rita as son one I wantto get involved with because so much layers of growth and evolvement have gone on in her life and so is mine .So place the same place and situation now, it may have worked.

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