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Liberia Election Results: Ex-Football star George Weah and Boakai Face Presidential Run-off

Liberia’s electoral commission has announced a run-off vote for the nation's presidential seat.
The runoff will be between ex football star George Weah and incumbent Vice-President Joseph Boakai.

With the vote counts in from 95.6 percent of the polling stations, Weah has taken 39.0 percent of the votes and Boakai 29.1 percent, both well short of the 50 percent barrier required to win the presidency outright from the first round of voting held on Tuesday.

National Elections Commission chairman Jerome Korkoya said 1,550,923 votes had been counted and turnout was at 74.52 percent.

Three other candidates took a significant share of votes with veteran opposition leader Charles Brumskine at 9.8 percent, former Coca-Cola Executive Alexander Cummings at 7.1 percent and former warlord turned preacher Prince Johnson at 7.0 percent.

These candidates will now decide which runoff contender they will direct their supporters to follow, holding significant sway over the final results.

The run-off will be held on the 7th of November.

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