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My chest o: What parents did after hearing rumour of deadly injection in Anambra would shock you [PHOTOS]

Following pandemonium that broke out in Anambra yesterday over news that men of the Nigerian Army military was trying to infect school children in the eastern part of Nigeria with dreaded Monkeypox epidemic, images have emerged on what parents did to have access to their wards in order to take them out of school.

In one of the missionary schools, the school management refused parents from picking up their wards, saying that if the parents were allowed in, some children may go missing in the pandemonium that would ensue.

Image of a woman, who was apparently scared about the deadly disease, and was seen climbing the fence of the school to pick her child due to the monkeypox rumours has already gone viral.

The military, has however, issued a statement that it was just a rumor and that they were actually offering free vaccination.

The rumour had caused serious pandemonium in town as some people claimed that over 50 children had died in Nnewi after they were administere the vaccines.

Meanwhile, the Anambra State government has called for calm among citizens of the state, saying that there was no truth in the rumour that soldiers were injecting children to death.

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