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The Thread: Everything President Buhari got wrong in his Independence Day speech

October 1 was Nigeria’s 57 years Independence Anniversary. As usual, the president delivered the October 1 address and just like the speech he delivered when he returned from medical hiatus abroad, this Independence address left a lot to be desired.

For one, the president cannot seem to help himself when it comes to pointing fingers. He also doubled down on the red lines, insisting that democratic debate can only take place in the National Assembly, plus the President refuses to allow Nigeria break up during his administration.

These are Twitter Nigeria’s criticisms of the president’s speech. See below:

I listened carefully to President Buhari's speech this morning. While there were positives, I feel that it fell short in some areas. Thread.

— Dr. Joe Abah (@DrJoeAbah) October 1, 2017

First, it's now nearly 2 and half years. Time to move on from what was inherited from the past and focus on what the future will inherit.

— Dr. Joe Abah (@DrJoeAbah) October 1, 2017

It's a pity… SE leaders are to blame… NE leaders are not to blame.

— #RESTRUCTURENOW (@DonPEKA) October 1, 2017

I hv a problem wth his speech. Its more a military style one. No doubt there r signs of progress but Govt communication style needs 2 change

— Tunde Alao (@etunrock) October 1, 2017

Dear Mr President, every civic space is proper, legal and CONSTITUTIONAL fora for national debate. It's called free speech.

— Amara Nwankpa (@Nwankpa_A) October 1, 2017

Greater part was rather diversionary, quite short of addressing real issues of economic growth & development n frm thence he went religious.

— Skeep (@skeepjay) October 1, 2017

It fell short in every area known to mankind.

— lbn Battuta (@_rugged_) October 1, 2017


the fact that the administration still blames the past govt for its inadequacies is a no no for me

— belloceous (@belloceous1) October 1, 2017

That Buhari would blame South East leaders in his nationwide, independence day speech shows the level of his disdain for Igbo people.

— #IgboMade! (@ManiPeters) October 1, 2017

Fully agree that PMB should move on and begin to define his vision for Nigeria. It's time to build hope in the people. Take actions that show inclusiveness, for example visiting the SS and SE. Two yrs into his Presidency its long overdue. PMB is president of all.Make all feel so.

— Horace Awi (@AwiHorace) October 1, 2017

Too much to ask?

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