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Wow: Two Pairs of Cute Identical Twins Spotted in Anambra Turn Heads (Photos)

A Facebook user identified as Ike Lorenzo, who is a graphics designer at Anambra Broadcasting Service, has taken to his Facebook page to share some cute photos of two pairs of identical twins he recently met.

He was so excited after meeting two pairs of identical twins in Anambra state that he instantly wrote a letter to his future wife stating how much he would want to be a father of twins.

Ike took pictures with the twins and wrote:

"Dear future wifey

So I was just minding my business this morning when I came across two pairs of cute identical twins. I had to take pictures with them because some day pretty soon, I will be called "mpa ejima". I know you also love twins and we shall have lovely ones. Hope you have a great stress free day today as we prepare for our new project.

Yours in Love

Ike Lorenzo"

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