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#BAAD2017 Adesua Etomi's manager, Isioma, talks about her amazing love story with Banky W

Adesua Etomi's manager, Isioma aka Mz Jazzyfied shared this beautiful piece moments ago:

A little story about Tolulope Adesua Etomi and Olubankole Olusegun Wellington.

One day i went to visit my guys on the set of TWP2. It was late like 10pm. I had a pack of gum. Adesua goes Mama please can i have gum. I hand her one stick. Before i could say jack robinson, she had unwrapped and handed it to her then lover, now husband - Banky.

She then puts on her cutest face and goes ummm, please can i have another? Or how at the traditional wedding, she kept wiping sweat off his face with her hands. @laiylany Lynn boo, give her tissue today o. And how Banky kept adjusting Susu's cumbersome gele or trying to carry her dress even though Lynn, @JemimaOsunde and i had it covered. It is the little things.

Olubankole and Tolulope put each other first....Always.

It is the big things. Susu flying back from set in Nsukka when the fire happened at Banky's or letting work go to be his 'Nurse Susu' because of course - Banky is my priority she said. Or was it that time we went back to Nsukka and Banky might as well have moved in because he spent every moment on the phone giving Susu mental and emotional strength to power through a difficult shoot. Or how every time i have needed help with Susu, small and big - Banky is always available.

Susu and Bubba, you are all each other needs and God is with you. Your association of great friends are here only so that they won't say we didn't come o. We love you both, we wish you well and we will continue to pray and shield you from all that we can.

Today before God you will vow to be each other's person....this vow i pray shall never be broken. Grace, Wisdom, Love and Friendship shall always live here!!!! Happy Forever day Mr and Mrs Olubankole Wellington!!! Signed ~ Your biggest fan Jazz. Okay maybe second biggest after Tunde @captdemuren No! Joint Biggest!!!

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