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Gbese: Man Punches Wife Every Time Someone Likes Her Picture On Facebook, wife has to have her Face Rebuilt [Photo]

A Paraguayan woman has been forced to undergo reconstructive surgery on her face after her jealous husband punched her every time someone 'liked' her pictures on Facebook.

Adolfina Camelli Ortigoza, 21, had been held against her will in the couple's home and subjected to constant beatings by her 32-year-old husband, police say.

When police were finally alerted, Ms Ortigoza had been so badly abused her body and face was disfigured and she required extensive surgery.

Yesterday the woman's lawyer told how partner Pedro Heriberto Galeano would become violent when anyone liked the photos she posted of herself on Facebook.

He began to beat her up every time one of her friends on Facebook reacted to any of her posts.

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