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Gbosa: Exclusive Photos From FABAMSA Day at Uniosun, Matters Arising after Convocation and Interview Section [Video]

FABAMSA[Faculty of Basic And Medical Student Association] Day has been scheduled to hold every Monday of The Week.

On this Very Day, Students of the Faculty are expected to dress corporate which is a leading act in curbing the act of Immoral Dressing & Sexual Harassment among students.

In addition, it was made clear to all students of The Faculty that Monday's Outfit should be taken as White & Black or Blue & Blue.

Students are also urged to maintain the Corporate Dressings throughout the Week days, except for Fridays which you're allowed to go by your style but corporate should also be the tune even if you're putting on Natives.

Wednesday has been drastically set aside for Sports starting from 3pm.

Speaking more on this are Anatomy & Physiology Students (who're under the umbrella of the Association) in An interview with A2satBlog on Monday, 10th of December 2017 where they also get to Talk on What Next After Studying their Course of Study at Uniosun.

Click Here to Watch the Interview Section.

Below are pictures of Students who rocked the corporate style.

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