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Gobe: Lead campaigner of #EndSARS initiative Segun Awosanya, lands in Trouble as he's now being investigated by Nigerian Police

Lead campaigner of citizen-led #EndSARS initiative, Segun Awosanya, is reportedly now being investigated by the Nigerian Police.

Awosanya is accused of having ties with politicians in a photo Police spokesperson, Jimoh Moshood emailed to Premium Times.

“When you see someone like that who regularly mingles with politicians now leading a campaign to scrap a critical department in the police, then you know his activities are not genuine,” police spokesperson, Jimoh Moshood, told Premium Times .

Though the Police say they are not accusing Speaker Yakubu Dogara spotted with Awosanya in a photo, of sponsoring the lead campaigner and other #EndSARScampaigners, however Police Spokesperson Moshood said it won’t stop them from investigating mischievous elements who cloak their agenda with popular causes.

“Our investigation does not mean we’re trying to infringe on peoples’ rights, but the quarters where some of the claims are coming from and those leading them should be looked into,” Moshood said.

However Mr. Segun Awosanya who is now being investigated for leading major voices demanding the scrapping of the notorious anti-robbery squad, SARS, linked to human rights abuses and brutality against citizen, said he took the picture with Dogara when his team submitted a petition for the scrapping of SARS to the Speaker in September.

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