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[Poem Of The Day] Millionaire Boyfriend - By Demidun & Deborah Okoye

Writer Demidun & Deborah Okoye Mixed up the ink to give us this amazing poem Titled; Millionaire Boyfriend. Enjoy!

Millionaire boyfriend
I want a millionaire boyfriend
I don't mind who as long as he's rich
Pearls and diamonds its what I think...
Jewels and gold all on me...what can't I av its all on him

Attention and affection I want it all
Always glamarous to be seen,,money is speaking
Just want to be a millionaires girlfriend
Don't tell me its just a dream,,its what I want.....

Trips around d globe,,its nothing,,he can afford
Friends in Europe, friends Paris
Weekend tea party its a must in diff country
Just all for the fun....

What can't I av...What can't I buy
Its not to be questioned,,its my boo's money
Shopping here shopping there..
Wear a clothe twice?...Who does dat?
Wear it once and trash it..its my boo's money

Who won't be jealous..millionaire boyfriend he got it covered
Say wot I want nd its der in seconds
Got no worries,which country to shop from today that just the problem

I wanna go on a trip where should I go is it France or milawe its giving me headache

        .... I better wake up from my fantasy

Preticrystal(Deborah Okoye)
Tell me it's a dream I''ll say yes it is,
An illusion or an allusion? Who cares?

I want a millionaire boyfriend? yes I do,
I wanna smell nice not of Cologne but of currencies.

I need not worry about the doe,
No I need not care what it costs
Just a thought of it and I have it though
That's me wallowing in money lust.

Yeah money my millionaire boyfriend could give,
I am his and what is his' is ours,
Name it all shopping, vacations, gifts.
I get it all in the snap of my fingers.

A house in Paris, that's my favorite place in the world,
An adventure in Disney world,yes it's what I dream of
Parties and dinners in New York, I want to be there,
Within a blink I have it all.

He is my millionaire boyfriend, he is mine
He cares not only about the Cash he offers
To quench my emotional thirst is his goal,
That's what make him my millionaire boyfriend.

There you have it A2Bers, I think we need a write up for we Thousandnaires also, or what do u think.. Winks

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