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Movie Alert: AMAA 2017 Best Brand of the Year, TooShot Comedy sets to release Short Comedy Movie [See the release date and Title]

Much Anticipation as been set among numerous Fans of "TooShot Comedy" as the Entertainment brand is set to release their First Comedy Skit of the year 2018 and revealing that this time it's going to be a Short Comedy Movie Titled "Wedding Party" with a duration of nothing less than six minutes.

The Award Winning Brand revealed in an Instagram post on their Six Thousand Followers page @Tooshotcomedy1 that the short movie is set to be out by Friday 19th of January 2017 via their YouTube Channel: TooShot Comedy also Emphasising that the movie features one of the Fast Rising Nigerian Act, Wittyblaze.

Starring in the Movie is a newly signed Actress from the Crew, Yewande and the crew's Best Actors & Actress.

Teasers and behind the scene pictures to be out officially on Friday

Keep your Fingers crossed till Friday.

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