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Poem Of The Day: The Driver By Fadare Oluwabusayo [Must Read]

On A2satBlog Poem/Write-up of the Day this Tuesday, we bring you "The Driver" as penned down by our favorite Writer; Fadare OluwaBusayo


Woke up one sunny morning,
An sms from one of the companies  I've taken my CV to came in,
*OMG!* I was not expecting their message,
I already gave up on the job a long time ago,
Nervousness had taken all over me,
Rushed to get ready as soon as possible,
As soon as I got to the bus-stop,
I entered the cab that came by without telling the driver my destination,
I was lost in thought,
Don't know what is ahead of me, 15mins later I was still on the same spot,
Driver!  Why are you still here?  I'm getting late
Madam, How I wan take move when you no gree tell me where you dey go,
*WTF* have been in this cab for the past 15mins on this same spot,
Just get me out of here.
I felt so frustrated and did not tell him my exact destination again,
10mins later I noticed he kept driving but but it doesn't seem like I'm getting to my destination.
Oga, where you dey carry me go?
Madam, na you talk sey make I get you out of there,
*OH MY GOODNESS!* please take me to the governor's office,
You suppose talk since nau,
He kept blabbing.
After 10mins I finally got to the governor's office, *THANK GOD.*
paid him and went straight into the office,
After 3hours I was out of the office,
I was delayed for 1hour and was looking tired and hungry

I stood for 30mins waiting for cab,
just then a sick looking cab came by,
had to enter out of no choice since my stomach has started dancing to different tunes,
As we were going, the driver played various music of Asa,
You seem to be a fan of Asa?
Yes, she is in fact my favourite artist.
Don't know what pushed me to ask this question,
You seem educated how come you are a cab driver?
Man must survive my sister,
I'm a first class graduate of university of ibadan,
wow, what is your course of study?
I studied petrochemical engineering,
I'm unable to get myself a good job so that brought about me being a cab driver.
What a messed up country we live in,
Our leaders are great liers,
Promised us job and at the end we get nothing.
I'm also a graduate of Unilag,
I've been in search of a job for almost 2 years now.
I just hope this interview I just did turns out fine.
It will, be rest assured. I felt a little bit assured to hear that from the driver,
Finally I got to my bus-stop,
We said our goodbyes and departed. I kept on soliloquizing to myself,
How on earth will a first class graduate from U.I be an ordinary driver,
God help us in this country.
The encounter I had with both drivers today was an unforgettable experience.
The foolish and the sensible driver.
I then dozed off.

Written by; Fadare Oluwabusayo _{M'zZ Bussy}._

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