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[Story Time] AM I PART OF THE CURSE OR AM I PART OF THE CURE - By Fadare Oluwabusayo (Episode 1)


We live in a modern world where everyone's dream is to become very successful; be it male or female.
Gone are those days where gender discrimination was rampant, where the mindset of 'every girl will end up in the kitchen and having no need to further her education' and his deprived of her right to dream.

Every father's dream is too see their children successful. Change is constant; our parent have moved with the time.
Did my parent really move with time?
My name is Dunmininu (make my me happy). Am I really a source of happiness to me parent or a curse to them? Questions I keep asking myself.

This is my story;
Dunmininu is a girl from an extended family of 7: My father(Mr.Akinola),  mum(Omolade),my step mum(Tope), my step brother(Juwonlo) and sister(Temidun)and myself(Dunmininu).
A family where they have decided not to move with the time. 

My father is still a man with the mindset of "female child ends up in the kitchen".
My mum and step mum were not opportuned to further their education so is my elder sis (she isn't the serious type though). 

Being the only child of my mum (the 2nd wife) I had lots of dreams for myself and will do anything to achieve them. My mum was a victim(she had to give up on her dreams) but I made a promise to myself that my case will be different.
The path I thread wasn't an easy one, a journey filled with;
Hatred,Deceit,Injustice,Hardship,Pain,anger and lastly Love.

Episode 1
Dunmininu: Mum can you pls talk to daddy on my behalf. I really want to take the jamb form before the registration end.

My mum (Omolade): Have told you times without number that there is no point. Your father will never agree. So stop insisting.  

I felt so disappointed, I expected mum to support decision I'm her only child after all.

My Step mum (Tope): Dunmininu, my dear I overheard your conversation with your mum. Why don't you just give up on going to the university because your father will never agree. 
Dunmininu: But big mummy I really want to become a doctor and I will achieve my dreams no matter what.
My step mum(Tope): I understand your plight dear, but what can your mum do. she herself dreamt on becoming a Lawyer but she had to give up on her dream since she was married off. You know we live in a society where female education is considered a waste.
Dunmininu: Big mummy it is high time that mindset die. We have many successful females out there that are better than the males.
My step mum(Tope): You are right my dear, but your father will never agree to this. focus on the house chores alone.
I looked at big mummy with disgust
Dunmininu: okay thank you ma

I really hate being discouraged.
Since my 2 mothers don't have the courage to discuss this with my dad I made up my mind to talk to him myself.

NOTE:All characters will be addressed by their names.

Dunmininu:Dad I have something important I want to discuss with you.
Mr.Akinola:what is it my daughter?
Dunmininu:ehm....Daddy I will like to take the jamb form, it is 7000naira sir and registration ends next week sir. 

I had to drop my head immediately because I don't have the courage to look at Baba Temidun in the eyes.

Mr.Akinola: Okay my daughter. But answer to this question first, How many ladies of this house ever went to the university? 

my heartbeat increased upon hearing this question

Dunmininu: None sir. Daddy there is nothing bad in me going to the university.
Mr.Akinola: Will You keep quiet and get out of my sight;omo radarada.
God knows where you came from you this bastard. The money I will use to send you to the university I will use it start your marriage preparation.....foolish girl.

My mum heard my conversation with my dad and she quietly went to her room and started crying.

Dunmininu: Mum why are you crying? was it because he called me a bastard?  you don't need to cry
Omolade: keep quiet....foolish girl. why are you so different. you enjoy seeing tears in my eyes right. Omo buruku
Just then we heard the voice of daddy Temidun
Mr.Akinola: Mummy Dunmininu! Omolade!!
Omolade: sir
Mr.Akinola: Warn that foolish daughter of yours to bury that thought of her going to the university because I will never waste my money on sending a female child to the university.When next I hear that from her mouth, that will be her last day in this house....mark my words.
Omolade: I am really sorry. please pardon her, she is just 16 and immature, I will talk to her.
Omolade:Dunmininu! you heard what you father said right?  the next time you come up with this topic of you going to the university will be your last day in this house.
Dunmininu: But mum, you know how much I really want to become a doctor. no matter what anyone says I will go to the university. 

I then received the slap of my life from my mum. Mum has never been this angry before....

Omolade:You will only go to the university over my dead body, not while I'm alive. 

I left her room angrily and went to cry at the balcony.
Big mummy and sis Temidun met me at the balcony crying. Sister Temidun went inside and big mummy came to me

Tope: my baby girl why are you crying?
Dunmininu: Big mummy I told dad about the jamb form and was completely angry and threatened to send me out of the house if I ever repeat it. even mum that had never raised her hand on me, slapped me. Tope:Oluwadunmininu I know you are a very smart and gifted child. My dear most times in life our destiny are chosen for us and we are forced to accept it. you should also give up and listen to what you mother and father are saying.

Big mummy patted me and I felt relieved but that isn't changing my decision. most times I wonder y I did not come into this world through big mummy. I use to wonder why my dad got married to my mum who was more or less like a saddist after getting married to big and ojukoro. 

I have always been a girl with dreams right from my secondary school days. I made up my mind to get the jamb form myself.

To be continued....

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